Why you need an Anti-Sleep Device for Drivers

Any person who does a casual research on the causes of road crashes today will realize that a sizeable number are caused by drivers who doze behind the wheel. It is true that careless driving, faulty motor vehicles and driving under the influence of alcohol or banned substances are the most cited reasons for road accidents. But the number of crashes caused by ‘sober’ people who suffer from sleep deficiency is on the increase.

It is ironical how we vilify, prosecute and jail drunk drivers yet we allow those with sleep problems to continue causing deaths and injuries on our roads. Understandably, a sleepy driver does not stagger. His or her breathe does not reek of alcohol. They do not stammer while talking or even utter gibberish. There are no breathalysers to detect how much intoxicated they are thus finding a reason to jail them.

However, the danger paused by these individuals is real. That is why you need to invest in an anti-sleep device for drivers like you and also your loved ones who go behind the wheel. You are better safe than sorry. I know you are likely to say that you don’t have sleep problems and that you don’t need this device. It is possible for you to feel that truck drivers and any other person who embark on long distance journeys needs this device more than you.

Before you retreat into this cocoon of self-righteousness, where you feel that others (and not you) are likely to cause road crashes, you need to understand that we are all vulnerable to this problem. How often do you lose sleep while working late or night shifts to make ends meet? Many of us cannot, with all sincerity, claim to sleep the recommended six to eight hours every day. We find ourselves having to sacrifice sleep to meet other objectives that we consider more important.

Some of us also lose sleep because of the nature of our professions and occupations. If you are a nurse or doctor who can be woken up one hour after coming from a hard day at work, then you understand what loss of sleep means. You need an anti-sleep device for drivers if you work in a factory at night or you are a guard, yet you have to drive home after work. As long as you interfering with your sleep pattern and you will get behind the wheel after such an activity, there is no way you can avoid using these devices.

You don’t have much of a choice too. It is either you sleep the recommended hours or more and lose your job, or you invest in a gadget that can keep you awake when your body remembers you have a sleep debt to pay. Understandably, the current economic terms demand that we work more and spend less time sleeping particularly during week days. Moreover, we have to drive between our homes and workplaces (some have multiple jobs). An anti-sleep device for drivers is mandatory if you really want to manage this kind of lifestyle.

It would be prudent to end this article by reminding you that the best anti-sleep alarm in the market today is StopSleep. This is the revolutionary gadget that scientifically detects sleep long before you even know you are about to doze and warns you accordingly. Try is today and forget about causing sleep-related road crashes.