Why You Need a Drowsy Driver Alert System.

Have you ever tried to find out why there are so many accidents on our roads today? Ask any road safety expert and you will be told that these crashes are not just ‘accidental’. Statistics indicate that about 20% of road accidents are caused by drowsy drivers. About 18% of them are fatal. Moreover, 15,000 people die from accidents caused by drowsy drivers every year on the globe. It is for this reason that every person who sits behind the wheel needs a drowsy driver alert system.

But there are other reasons for this gadget to become part of your driving life. I want to begin with you. Of what importance are you when you are dead and buried? How efficient will you be when you spend the rest of your life on a wheelchair? Do you think those human beings whose lives are supported by machines ever wanted this to happen to them? For many of them, it all started with a drowsy drive down the highway. Some of them are also in their unfortunate conditions because another driver opted not to install a drowsy driver alert system in his or her car. You can choose to save your life and those of other people by ensuring you have this device fitted in your vehicle today.

You need a system to alert you when you are behind the wheel (but tired) because of your family and friends. Sometimes we become so selfish that we forget the love that surrounds us. I know you are likely to say that whether you die or live it is your life. I am sorry to disappoint you. They are many parties that ‘own’ you. They have invested emotionally and mentally in you. Their love for you means that if you die today, they will be left in untold pain. I am talking about your parents, partner, spouse, siblings, children, other relatives and friends. You may not even begin to understand how much they love and value you and what you death, owing to lack of a drowsy driver alert system, will mean for them. You owe it to these people to stop gambling with your safety and life.

It would be unfair not to mention the rest of the society as a powerful reason for you to buy this device. Think about the child that will be without a father because you have killed him in a crash. That child may never have a good education or life. He or she may revert to drugs because of depression and stress. The parents of the people who die from your careless driving may never have peace because you have stolen their happiness. Those who may not die may be scarred for life. Some will spend the rest of their lives depending on other people because they cannot work. All this will happen because you are too careless, ignorant or proud to install a drowsy driver alert system in your car.

Make a wise decision today and buy the revolutionary and effective StopSleep anti-sleep alert system to avert road crashes.