Why Fatigue Detection is Important for Drivers.

Fatigue detection should be the priority of all drivers, especially while on the road. We have reached a time when we must stop treating human lives like mere statistics. Our roads are supposed to be safer to pedestrians as well as drivers. Preventing drivers from succumbing to sleep when driving should be the priority of all who care for our society.

Experience has shown that drivers who realize they are about to fall asleep while driving are likely to avert accidents. It is time governments engaged in campaigns to sensitize drivers on the dangers of driving while under the influence of sleep, if there is such a phrase. Much more effort needs to be directed towards this end compared to drunk driving.

Fatigue detection; why it matters?

It is rare to come across a person who loves death. We all shudder at the thought of death. Even though we know we will face this eventuality, we don’t want to imagine it coming our way. Why then should we allow drowsiness to take away the life we want to enjoy so much?

To aggravate matters, road crashes do not just affect the drowsy driver. Fellow motorists, passengers and pedestrians may also die in the process. Think of the many innocent mothers, fathers and children who have been buried following an accident by a sleepy driver and you will realize why we need to curtail this conduct.

Fatigue detection is crucial because we are spending billions of money every year treating victims of unavoidable road accidents. Hospital wards are full of people who will never walk again because they were maimed during a crash. Our homes, schools and shopping areas have living examples of people who cannot walk as they would like because of road accidents.

Because of drivers sleeping behind the wheel, the nation is losing people at their prime. The economy is bereft of important human capital, professionals who would have contributed immensely to the development of the community. The money used to treat the maimed would also have been used to create jobs and economic opportunities for other citizens.

Think about that child that has been orphaned because the parent died following the carelessness of a driver who was exhausted while driving. Had the driver in question invested in fatigue detection techniques, the story would have been different. Unless we want to continue seeing death and injuries on our roads, we must take decisive action at individual and government level to arrest this situation.

The strategy that works

If you love your life and those of other people, you will think seriously about stopping yourself and others from navigating the road when drowsy. It is important that you play your humanitarian and societal role of averting or reducing the suffering of other citizens, especially by bringing such kinds of road crashes to an end.

To this end, you need to invest in the affordable StopSleep anti-sleep alarm, which is the most effective scientifically-designed gadget for fatigue detection in the market today.