What is the Press in Europe Saying about StopSleep?

StopSleep anti-sleep alarm has been received with a lot of positivity at home and abroad. It appears that this product is a cut above the rest and is set to change market dynamics in Europe. Many newspapers (print and online) are encouraging drivers to invest in this alarm. Let us look at some of the comments from these news sources.



AutoPlus, the acclaimed authority on all motor vehicle related issues, reports that after testing various anti-sleep alarms, the people involved were requested to give a review of the devices. Majority of the respondents were in agreement that StopSleep had no equal particularly because it offers efficiency and value for money. To these testers, this is the best solution to driver fatigue problems.

Camping Car Magazine reported that SleepStop was gold. This is clearly an indication of the value that this gadget offers to drivers. It is a way of saying that those who find this gadget and use it have found something as valuable as gold. What does this imply about competitions’ products? Your guess is as good as mine.

Test01net concluded that SleepStop is effective and efficient in executing the functions for which it was designed. It is said that this device notifies drivers when their thoughts are elsewhere. This is obviously in reference to the ability of the gadget to notify you that you are entering sleep mode long before your eyelids begin to hold a meeting right in front of you!

Heure Digitale.com makes an observation that should not escape any driver. It asserts that SleepStop is the gadget that is likely to save the life of the driver. When your life is at risk, you need to be alert at all times. What this magazine is telling you is that even though accidents can happen when you least expect, you can largely prevent them from happening by using this device.

Scoopit.com is keen on the technology used in this device and its effectiveness. This reputable news sources observes that this alarm can correctly detect fatigue in drivers. This is a powerful statement considering the number of people dying from driver fatigue related crashes. ‘Accurate detection’ is also an indictment of the other alarms in the market which have been known to raise false alarms (pun intended!).

Challenge considers StopSleep among the best in the market following reviews by 100 top writers. When niche writers sit to review products, you can be sure that they will be honest and ruthless. For this device to emerge in the top 50, it is evident it has had a powerful impact since it was launched.

FHM ranked StopSleep number 45 out of 50 of the accessories that can bring change to the life of a driver. There are very many accessories being used in the motor vehicle world and to be ranked among the best 50 is a great honor for this gadget and a stamp of approval.

There you have it – what the press says in Europe about StopSleep. What do you say? You will never know until you try it this alarm.