What is Keeping You Awake When You are Driving?

This may be a rather unusual question, but exactly what is keeping you awake when you are driving? In the wake of recent revelations that fatigued and sleep-deprived drivers are causing more than a fifth of the accidents on our roads and highways, this question is very important. Granted, nobody can fault you for some of the instances when you’ve had to get behind the wheel with sleepy eyes. It is the nature of the world we live in that those who work diligently tend to succeed. Unfortunately, this leaves many of us with serious sleep debts.

So, what are the strategies that are keeping you awake? Here are some of the methods you can use if you are not already practising them. I have a colleague driver who takes a lot of water before and during his journeys. This will come as shocker to many who are not excited about having to pass water somewhere along the highway every thirty minutes or so. But that is the point. As long as you will have to climb down that truck and pass water, you will remain alert on the highway. Probably you prefer caffeinated drinks. Sometimes they work but in most cases they dehydrate your body and make it tired and vulnerable to sleep, which is what you are avoiding.

Another method of keeping you awake when you are driving is to let fresh air into your vehicle. One way you can do this is by letting oxygen embrace your face through your car’s windows. However, you must be careful not to get a cold or any other undesirable effect of cold air. Alternatively, you can let the air in occasionally and close the windows once you are satisfied that the air that is circulating is adequate. The rationale here is that you can’t sleep when it is cold, just like a cold shower will keep off sleep immediately. It is the warmth in your car or cabin that induces sleep and if you can overcome it then sleep will take a flight and allow you to reach your destination after which you can catch some sleep.

Did you also know that the meal you eat before and during your journey is responsible for keeping you awake or fatigued as you drive? Eat junk food full of salt, sugar, unsaturated fats and preservatives and you will find yourself wanting to sleep as you drive. These foods fill your tummy and blood with a lot of sugar. When sugar in your blood spikes, you will begin to doze. In contrast, a breakfast full of fibre, protein, vegetables, vitamins and carbs will give your body balanced levels of energy and keep it alert.

I know some of these suggestions for keeping you awake while driving may evade your mind, though I highly suggest that you try them often. But to make sure you don’t even contemplate sleeping while driving, particularly when you are sleepy but you must drive, I suggest you buy and wear StopSleep anti-sleep alarm. This gadget will detect sleep from miles away and give you a warning so that you either stop driving or be alert for the rest of the journey.