Things to Keep You Awake

I love sleep and I hope I am in good company with you. I know some people may want to dispute this assertion, but I think it is more of a fact than a claim. Sleep is wired into our systems. If you fail to sleep for a very long duration, you are likely to die. It is your body’s best strategy for resting. Even animals sleep in order to give body organs the needed rest and to gain strength for the activities of the following day.

I have never come across a person who does not like to sleep, but I know many who curse themselves when they sleep for slightly more time than they had expected. No one can blame you if, despite your love affair with your warm bed, you still don’t spend as much time as you would like in slumber. We live in a busy world where sleep is sometimes equated to lack of opportunities or money.

It has reached appoint where you need things to keep you awake if only to work another shift or complete another important assignment. Countless drivers are forced to drive long distances at night to meet delivery deadlines. A father or mother somewhere has to work overtime or juggle several jobs in order to pay bills and put food on the table. For these and other people in similar situations, staying awake when working or driving is very important.

It becomes crucial to have strategies for remaining vigilant even when the eyes are threatening to go on strike. This is not an easy task considering the body has its own biological clock which, without failure, determines when certain activities should take place. You need to have things to keep you awake if you are to defy the natural processes of the body and work a few more hours for a few more dollars.

I know people who use stimulants to remain awake. Some of these substances are legal while others are prohibited. Some are taken in drinks; others are smoked, while a few others are inhaled. You may want to condemn the people who resort to such means to ward off sleep, but when you listen to their motives you will sympathize or empathize with them. Any instance of sleeping while working may mean loss of a very crucial employment opportunity and income.

Other things to keep you awake may consist of keeping the mouth busy. I am talking about constant chewing to ensure the mouth is engaged enough not to sleep. You may also be aware of people who listen to music to remain awake (although I know others who use music to lull them to sleep). Drivers, particularly on long distance missions, also like travelling with people they can talk with during the journey as a way of keeping away sleep.

But there is a better, more scientific and more effective way to remain vigilant for long, whether you are driving or working. SleepStop anti-sleep alarm is designed to assess your body for any signs of sleep before you begin to doze off. It also has powerful vibrations and a signal to startle you so that you can decide on the action to take avert a crash.