The Perils of Falling Asleep Driving.

Falling asleep driving is no longer a new phenomenon. Some years ago, many would have frowned at such a thought; not any more. Perhaps society is becoming busier and people have to work more hours thus depriving them of sleep. When one has to juggle between family and work or even studies, the possibility of living a sleep-deprived life exists. Our culture is one in which you must get rich or die trying, in the words of a famous musician.

A motor vehicle is a vital cog in this type of life since people must move from one place to the other. For the average human being, studying during the day and making money at night or vice versa is common. If you have a family and you don’t have a stable or well-paying job, you must get accustomed to long working hours and shifts. In this scenario, a car becomes a crucial tool for ensuring you are in the right place at the right time.

The problem, though, is falling asleep driving. To be sincere, there is no way you can avoid having a sleep debt if your life revolves around various activities that demand your time and attention. Truth be told; you are not working multiple jobs because you want it. If you could suddenly win a lottery or land your dream job, nobody would see you in the vicinity of those premises where you are so ubiquitous today. But since you have no alternative, you must continue to incur sleep debts and hope that one day you will be comfortable enough to repay your body.

Falling asleep driving is, therefore, a very dangerous scenario that can befall you and render all your sleep sacrifices a waste. It is ironical that one moment of driving while asleep can create a disaster that not even the money you are earning through your many jobs can cater for. Think about losing your limbs or other body parts following a car crash. How about the many shattered dreams that you hope to finance through multiple jobs? Need I say that your family can also lose you forever?

Admittedly, you have no much choice. You have to risk it and report to your workplace even if you have just left the premise of your other employer. You have to drive on the highway with sleep warning you that you are not safe. How then do you ensure you remain safe and sound despite lack of sleep? What kind of a strategy will you institute to make sure you don’t doze off while driving? How do you ensure that falling asleep driving is not the reason you will be relegated to a wheelchair?

Your safest bet is StopSleep anti-sleep alarm. This is a gadget that monitors your body to detect the onset of sleep before warning you to take precautions. All you need to do is fix it a like a ring on two of your fingers and continue driving. The good news is that you will have ample time to stop the vehicle and rest or become more alert until you reach your destination.