The Perils of Driver Fatigue.

To understand the perils of driver fatigue, you need to get a glimpse of the auto industry. Road transport is arguably the most common mode in the entire globe. The motor vehicle manufacturing industry has never stopped growing since the first cars graced paved roads. Every year, new models are released into the market by various manufacturers. The luxury car market is among the most lucrative with celebrities and the wealthy investing billions of dollars on flashy rides.

But behind this façade of luxury and safety lies great peril. Road transport accounts for more than half of all travel related accidents on the globe. At the centre of this unfortunate situation is driver fatigue. It is true that poorly designed and maintained roads, careless drivers, drunk driving, adverse weather conditions and mechanical problems are the causes of many accidents. However, a huge chunk of road related accidents result from the driver being exhausted and unable to control a vehicle.

While the large picture is well-understood, the finer details of the consequences of accidents caused by exhausted drivers must be appreciated. Think about the family that loses its breadwinner because he or she could not concentrate behind the wheel. You can also turn it the other way round and consider the fate of the child that will never see its parent because an exhausted driver could not control a vehicle and ended up killing pedestrians, passengers or both. Visit any cemeteries or morgues today and you will find tens of graves or bodies of people who lost their lives in the past week owing to lack of concentration by a driver who was too tired to remain in charge of the steering wheel.

Driver fatigue accounts for the thousands of people who are maimed for life or cannot walk. From driving a vehicles and leading a happy life, countless people are now stuck to wheelchairs. Young and old people who could go out to play with friends and family now watch helplessly as they nurse accident injuries, some of which will never heal. There are those who are confined to hospital beds, unable to move and depending on relatives and medical personnel for almost everything apart from breathing. A few more unfortunate individuals remain in intensive care units in vegetative states.

Economically, nations lose a lot of human capital and revenue due to driver fatigue. Tens of thousands die at their prime ages. They carry with them excellent academic qualifications and ideas that could have changed the world. Perhaps the person who has the cure for cancer or HIV/Aids is gone forever because a driver who had not had enough sleep ran that person over. Many actual and budding musicians, actors, sports persons, scientists, clergymen and astronomers have been brought down by drivers who have no control of the wheel because they are exhausted.

With all these issues in mind, you cannot ignore the need for a device that will save your life and those of others when fatigue invades your territory when you are driving. What you need is an anti-sleep alarm.