The KGB will save Australian lives

Doing business with Russia is not everyone’s cup of zavarka.

But when your business partner is a nuclear physicist whose uncle is a Russian general, and your product is linked to a former spy network, you are probably ready for most potential bilateral challenges.

StopSleep was created by Russian Alexander Levenstain using technology found in KGB lie detector polygraphs to detect if a motorist is drowsy.

“If your state recovers, it turns off; if your state doesn’t change, it escalates.”

Levenstain invented the device after his son, a passenger in his car, saved his life when he fell asleep at the wheel.


How will technology used in a Russian secret service lie detector help slash the road toll?

Worn on two fingers, its eight built-in sensors alert drivers who are losing concentration before micro-sleep occurs.
“Pre-micro-sleep you get a bit of a fuzzy head and this device will jolt you to attention with vibrations and, simultaneously, a beeping noise starts to get you to pay more attention,” explains Johnson, who is also NSW vice-chairman of Sleep Disorders Australia.

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The KGB will save Australian lives