I usually drive my car about 7 hours a day, five days a week and 3-4 hours on the weekends. Just few months ago I bought the Stopsleep. After a month I noticed that my driving style had changed - I became more attentive to the road. It has given me a very different life as I try to avoid the warning alerts  from it.
This product is modern and easy to use.  I Highly recommend it for any long car journeys.

    Dmitry Y. - Kenilworth | United Kingdom


I use stopsleep every day on the way home from the office. My experience shows that it always alerts when I do not notice that I'm unfocused and slowly doze off. In all cases, stopsleep helps a lot, since you already have an incentive that it does not beep. I have already recommended your system to others.

    Johannes F. - Vendersheim | Germany


Actually, I did not believe it would work. It sounded too good to be true. So the first day I received it, I put it on before bed. It worked - there was no way I could sleep when I was wearing it! Now we keep it in the car and use it for long distance family outings.
It is worth the small outlay, less than half the cost of our insurance excess, and it gives us peace of mind.

Thanks Alexei for sending it out so quickly.

PS. I think you should contact trucking companies. If they can get their drivers to use Stop sleep, the roads would be safer for all of us.

    Graeme J. - Sydney | NSW