Sweet Love Turned Bitter By One Who Didn’t Know How To Stay Awake.

It was the most typical of nights in Sydney. You could cut a knife through the monotony of the chatter, lights, shuffling feet and car noises. It was also typical for Scott and his girlfriend Jen. They’d just finished dinner at a nice restaurant and were on their way home…that’s what she knew, at least. Little did she know a few miles from where they were that a dozen people were waiting with bated breath for a milestone in their friends’ relationship. Flowers, balloons and a banner asking, “Sexy Jen, Marry Me?” It was a reference to their favorite video game. He toiled at his living room day and night before this moment. Scott and Jen were cuddling at the back seat of their cab, when the driver, visibly tired from an entire day’s work didn’t know how to stay awake on the wheel and nearly fell asleep when a car sounded off as it approached dangerously close. “Woah!” The driver swerved just in time, to the young couple’s shock. But Scott realized in a split second the accident hadn’t been completely averted. A blinding light and a deafening horn came from his side, and he covered Jen with his body as best as he could…then everything went black. They never made it to their house that night. Their friends waited hours before a text came from the hospital. They rushed their way there but…Scott’s name came last while the doctor was explaining. Jen’s would-be ring was never found in the wreckage. A bittersweet story, this one.

So many others share the same fate just because of an accident caused by someone who didn’t know how to stay awake behind the wheel. It is the responsibility of drivers and transportation companies to ensure the safety of their passengers. Apart from the regular maintenance measures and policies that keep their fleet in perfect running conditions, the subject of human error needs equal if not more attention. Performance or productivity are affected by drowsiness and fatigue on the road, therefore it has to be addressed. What is needed to guarantee that a driver will know how to stay awake over time?

The answer is quite simple: invest in an anti-sleep alarm that monitors the body signals of a person and can tell when the danger of becoming too drowsy is happening. It is a huge relief to know that these kind of gadgets can now teach drivers how to stay awake. Scott and Jen are just two (2) of the many, many more victims of road accidents resulting from driver drowsiness and fatigue. If only drivers and owners of transportation businesses knew every passenger like we now know Scott and Jen, would they seem more important? Enough to protect them and go the distance? Every passenger has life so precious it touches other lives, one way or the other. Spare this world a little bit of sadness. Spread good karma. It’s good for business.