StopSleep – Drive Safely This School Holiday Road Trip.

School holidays are very important but we need to be alert so that our children return to school safe and sound once the vacations are over. We value our children and work most of our lives to ensure they live well. I have met people like you and I who vow that they will ensure their children do not have to go through the same hardships their parents went through. In essence, you want your children to live better than you did. You want to shield from want and any vulnerabilities. That is commendable. It is the epitome of effective parenthood.

Despite this, there are certain risks involved when you try to make life comfortable for your children. For example, you might become too lenient with them to the extent of being complacent when they act in a manner that is unbecoming. Much improper behaviour becomes evident when children are at home during school vacations.

Let us take some examples. When your children reach teenage, they begin to act like immature adults. The freedom you allow them at this point may break or make them. During this experimental stage, your children may want to try driving – which is good. After all, they see you and others drive and they admire it. However, even if they have attained driving age, they need to be shielded from causing crashes especially when they become fatigued or when they are intoxicated. I know the last word in the previous sentence will not sound good to you but it is a reality that our children are beginning to drink before their time but we burry our heads in the sand and assume they don’t.

Many accidents by teens occur on Saturday and Sunday mornings following nights of partying and driving while drunk. In a society where parents have to spend less time with their children in order to make life better for the same offspring, vacations are often not supervised. Perhaps there is a domestic servant at home to perform household chores – and that is the farthest they go. That is the time your teenage children will gang up with those of your neighbour to ‘borrow’ a car and take to the road. Just like telling young people to carry a pack of condoms as they go out at night is important, you need to buy StopSleep for them, a gadget that will warn them when they are about to sleep while driving.

The other person that needs StopSleep anti-sleep alarm is you. You will be ferrying your children from one fun spot to the other during school holidays. You may also want to take them to various places to visit friends and relatives. You need to stay alert for their sake and yours also. Holiday time witnesses many experienced and inexperienced drivers on the road. There also more vehicles than normal thus requiring alertness on the side of all drivers. Considering you might be on the road for long and you may not have had adequate sleep in between, SleepStop will keep you safe until you can get a chance to have a power nap.

Don’t gamble with the life of your children, that of other motorists and pedestrians and yours too. Buy StopSleep for yourself and your children so that you all remain awake as you drive.