For many years, I have always presented my father with socks until I found a better alternative. I always presented the socks after I have spent about a month, trying to figure out what to give to him. In most cases, the other options were singlet, clothes and shoes, which I always gave to him on his birthday. I however had a devastating experience recently that made me to start giving him something else entirely. In recent times, I give him a StopSleep device. The first time I presented the gift to him; he was much wowed and was more appreciative of the gift. Probably he was expecting to get another Father’s day socks as usual or because of the thoughtfulness and usefulness of the gift. I would however go with the later as my dad have not really being a fan of surprises.

What is a StopSleep Device? It’s a driver alarm system, that alerts a driver through vibration and alarms before he starts to drift to sleep while driving. The dangers of sleeping while driving is very obvious as many Australians  have been victims of accident due to falling asleep while driving. Apart from hurting or killing themselves, they sometimes also run into innocent road users either in their car or on the side walk. A lot of lives have thus being injured or lost as a result of sleep driving.

My personal experience with sleeping while driving occurred a few years ago and almost resulted to the end of my life. I was always very busy at work as my job was very tasking. This was seriously having a strain on my family as I had little or no time for them. During an August summer holiday, I decided to take my annual leave from the office. My wife and I fixed a date for me and my family to drive around the city and visit some tourist sites around. I however got a call the evening before the outing. I was to report to the office and take care of an emergency which required my expertise. At the end of the day, I had to work all night and came back home by 8am the following morning.

Sighting the disappointment on the face of my wife and kids, I quickly reassured them that the outing still stands. I was able to get a 1 hour nap before preparing and leaving the house by 10am. I had barely driven for 20 minutes when I dozed off. The next time I woke up was in the hospital. My wife and kids also sustained minor injuries. We ended up spending the time we were supposed to spend for the outing in the hospital. As soon as I got back my senses, my first wish was that a device that could stop a driver from sleeping be invented. Since then, I avoided driving anytime I noticed that I was tired or sleepy, I however, got the StopSleep device the instant I heard about it. Funnily I still get the vibration once in a while, when driving. I also bought many of them and shared for all my loved ones who drive at one point or the other. I have also taken this step further by trying to enlighten as many people as possible about the device and its usefulness which is my reason for this article. If it were possible, I would have bought a copy of the device for every driver in the world.

The StopSleep is a device that can be worn while driving. The device works by being sensitive to the conductivity of the skin. Research has shown that the skin’s conductivity reduces the instant an individual begins to drift to sleep. Using myself as an example, once there is a decline in my concentration or I start the get sleepy, the StopSleep device is able to sense the reduction in the conductivity level of my skin. Once the device notices this decline in conductivity, it immediately alerts me by either vibrating or vibrating and making a loud alert tone to wake me up. The device is able to detect when I am losing concentration and when I am falling asleep. Once it senses that I am beginning to lose concentration, it vibrates so that I can quickly take measures to return my concentration to the task at hand – driving. If it senses that I am getting sleepy, it vibrates and produces a loud sound. In this case, I instantly stop my car, take some rest, before hitting the road again.

A StopSleep Device is a gift that if every man has, the rate of accidents as a result of sleep driving could be reduced to 0. This is why I have bought many for drivers around me especially family and friends as Father’s day and birthday gifts. The gift always passes across the message, “I don’t want to lose you, so drive carefully and safely”.