I have witnessed a lot of security guards have lost their job, gotten heavily indebted and in some cases sent to jail after something have gone missing while they were on duty. This security guards happened to be my colleagues and in most cases, they were not aware of the stolen items until they were discovered missing by the management. This is because most of these thefts occur when they take off time to sleep during their duty time. I have thus always been scared of becoming a victim of such an event.

I used to be very restless when I am on duty as I spend the whole night walking around so as not to be in a position whereby I can easily fall asleep. The walking around however always leaves me very tired even before the middle of my duty time increasing my probability to fall asleep in the event that I decide to just pause to sleep. I however shared my problem with a friend who told me that they were devices that I could use while on duty.

He said I don’t have to walk around all night to prevent sleeping as I could just fit on the device and the device would be the one to tell me when I need to walk around. He introduced me to the StopSleep device which he said has the ability to detect when I am getting sleepy by changes in the conductivity level of my skin. He said once it alerts me, I could then walk around for a few minutes and go back to my duty post. I was able to get one of the device and since then, I found out that I didn’t have to walk around for more than 10 minutes at most, every night I am on duty. The device has now made it easier for me to do my night shift as I stay awake all night and the moment I begin to feel sleepy, it alerts me immediately.