Stop Falling Asleep While Driving

I recently participated in an informal debate with my neighbors on why we should stop falling asleep while driving. But the debate did not start with issues of sleep driving. One of my noisiest neighbors had triggered the debate when he narrated how he had almost caused a crash in the neighborhood while coming from work in the dead of the night. He described his dilemma – the fact that he really did not want to drive in his fatigued status but he did not have an alternative. He had to get home and rest for four hours before waking up to go to yet another job,

But he was not alone. Mark, a firefighter-driver also weighed on the issue. He asserted that even though he knew he should stop falling asleep while driving there were times when he had to drive. For him, it was the fact that fire emergencies do not know that he needs to recuperate. What happens when you have just returned from fighting an inferno at a busy urban center only to be called to deal with another fire in another part of the town? For a driver of a fire engine, this is a challenging responsibility, but there is no option of not responding to that emergency.

Then there was Sue. She is a nurse at the local hospital. She also wanted to know how to stop falling asleep while driving especially when the situation demands that she gets behind the wheel. Hers is another situation that many people can understand. She has had to go without sleep for countless nights because she had to deal with emergency cases. There was even a time when she returned home to rest and had not even slipped into her bed when her phone rang. Scores of people had been injured seriously in a highway motor crash involving several vehicles and the medics on duty had been overwhelmed by the cases that needed immediate attention.

But that was not all. Peter, a long distance bus driver had just returned from a trip in which he was required to drive for twenty-four hours with only three hours of sleep in between. He really wanted to stop falling asleep while driving but did not know the best way to do it. For him it was case of a fellow driver falling sick in the middle of the highway and the bus also breaking down. Peter was called to rescue the stranded passengers using his bus and had to wake up and take to the wheel only four hours after his fourteen hour journey. Though he had used several unconventional strategies to remain awake during the new journey, he felt that there was need for a better strategy to prevent him from causing a crash.

Flo, a long distance truck driver, saved the best for the last. She claimed she knew how to stop falling asleep while driving using an effective and efficient device. That is when we all came to know about StopSleep anti-sleep alarm. We were all excited to know that there was a gadget that could detect sleep even before one did and would send a clear warning for the driver to take corrective action. Having tried this alarm, I recommend it for any driver who wants to save lives by not causing accidents related to lack of sleep.