Need to Stay Awake to Work on an Urgent Project?

Modern life demands we make occasional sacrifices in our schedules to accommodate emergencies and unforeseen issues. Take the example of a student who needs to study for an exam that is to be taken the following day. To stay awake for the night for such a person is mandatory.

I can’t explain why we sometimes like to postpone important issues to the last minute. It is human? Right? What I know is that when your boss needs that urgent report or the one you have been postponing for the last few months, you will need to work overnight or for several days on end.

The unfortunate thing about procrastination is that it brings so many delayed projects and issues together that you get confused.

It not child play to stay awake while working

Chronic procrastinators also happen to love sleep a lot. In essence, their bodies are used to getting more-than-adequate sleep. It comes as a shock to the body, therefore, when it is required to sacrifice sleep. The fact that other people are sleeping galls the mind, but because the task at hand must be done, the body obliges, reluctantly.

Do not blame yourself, therefore, if you catch yourself dozing while working over the night. Worse still, you may also doze off completely and only wake up in the morning to realize the project is staring at you, demanding to be finished. It has happened to many people, and this is embarrassment you are better off avoiding.

How do you remain alert through the night?

You have heard of people who pump coffee into the system to stay awake. It is true caffeine can do the trick for some people. This drug, if I may call it so, can send sleep into oblivion for some duration and allow you to concentrate on the task. But how many cups of coffee will you have to take, and with what impact to your overall wellbeing?

You probably also know somebody who dips his or her leg in cold water throughout the night to ward off sleep. Perhaps you have done it before. But if you think about it deeply, you will realize that it is detrimental to your health. Cold water can easily lead to pertinent illnesses that will make it more difficult to deliver on your goals.

The more ingenious solution

There is a better way to remain alert throughout the night, without having to pump loads of caffeine or cold water into your body. You see, science has eased life and we need to embrace it in our quest to keep sleep at bay to allow us work on temporary but urgent projects.

The answer is in the SleepStop alarm, a device that monitors electromagnetic activity in your blood, detects when you are about to fall asleep, and warns you through a powerful alarm. In essence, if you want to stay awake to beat some urgent deadline, opt for this effective and stylish gadget and you will not regret.