Keeping Awake At Work.

I salute all nurses out there for the commendable jobs you do every day. Truth be told; regardless of how much you are paid, there is no way of compensating you exactly for what you are worth. You are the unsung heroes of society, never mind how we hero worship our politicians whose main agenda is to keep us thinking about how to compete with and hate one another.

When it I think about the work of a nurse, I see sacrifice at its best definition. How do you explain the work of a person who has to wake up at odd hours to go and attend to people with all sorts of illnesses? Do nurses have personal or social lives? Keeping awake at night is the norm rather than the exception in their work. The common person does not make the life of the nurse any easier. We are guilty for the careless body injuries we get while drunk-driving.

I don’t want to mention those of us who give nurses a hard time when the injection is mentioned. I am not talking about your child. It is you I have in mind because you have never overcome your phobia for injections even after becoming a parent. Luckily enough for us, there is a nurse who has to keep vigil at the hospital waiting for you to commit another mistake and bring your woes to him or her. Keeping awake at night is the portion of every nurse especially those working in the wards. Any whimper or grimace from a patient will send this exceptional profession in the respective direction to help.

To the nurse, though, remaining vigilant throughout the night is not easy. It is a struggle, often a hide-and-seek game between sleep and the eyes. Nurses are not superhuman. They are made of flesh and blood like the rest of us. They are partners, spouses, children and siblings to other people. They get tired. They need time to sleep and recuperate. However, due to the nature of their work, they can be called to work at any time even if they have just returned from their shifts. That is why nurses must find strategies for keeping awake at night.

For nurses reading this, I want to suggest some ideas; some crazy; others not very insane. Hoping that your place of work has many other colleagues who can perform the same duties effectively, please consider switching off your phone when you go to sleep. If there is an emergency, the hospital management knows where you live. You know better than the rest of us in the general populace why you must pay your sleep debt. Your best bet for remaining alert at night is to sleep adequately when you are off duty. However, in keeping with advances in technology, I suggest that you purchase the SleepStop anti-sleep alarm, a portable device that detects sleep in your body and raises an alarm that will startle you back to reality!