Keeping Awake At Work – What you Should Do.

The world has changed seeing that one can write an article on keeping awake at work. Ideally, the workplace is not for sleeping but working. Your employer expects nothing but alertness and productivity from you. The very thought that you can doze at your place of work is anathema to your employer. But this is a changing world where circumstances demand that we engage in many tasks, some of which deprive us of sleep and lead to drowsiness at the time we should be working. Multiple or shift jobs, children, work-study arrangements and problematic spouses are some of the reasons that make one sleepy and unproductive at work.

Since you must work in order to be paid and the employer expects you not to sleep, it is crucial that you come up with strategies that will ensure you are keeping awake at work. Let us begin with a simple approach that will save you reprimands from your boss, embarrassment among your colleagues and probably prevent you from being jobless the following day. Walking is an effective way to stay awake. No employer expects you to stay seated the entire day. Move around after an hour or so of sitting. You may want to walk to where your colleagues are seated and chat or venture outside your office to imbibe fresh air. This will ensure sleep takes a flight until some other time.

Stretching is another effective strategy for keeping awake at work. You don’t have to wait until you go to the gym in order to stretch. Some of the routines you perform in the gym can be executed in the small space you call your office. You only need to learn the right kind of stretches and work on them after sitting in one position for a considerably long time. For example, you can stretch your hands and legs and also perform some sit ups. You can also use the furniture to support your body as you straightened up. This will help to keep you fit in addition to warding off sleep. In essence, you will be killing two birds with one stone as it were. More importantly, you will not be accused of sleeping while working.

I know many people who are keeping awake at work by taking caffeinated drinks. Coffee and tea contain caffeine which is a stimulant that simply cannot allow you to sleep. This substance will keep you alert for longer periods. The good thing is that a cup of coffee can keep sleep away for hours until you get the time to sleep. Unfortunately, caffeine is addictive. The moment you skip the habit for a day, you will experience serious headaches and wish you had not tried it. Actually, it is not advisable to slip into any addiction whether on substances that you consider safe or those that are taboo.

But there is a more effective strategy for keeping awake at work. SleepStop anti-sleep alarm is a device that you wear on two of your fingers and which vibrates when sleep begins to invade your body system. With this gadget, you will be alerted in time thus giving you time to take corrective or pre-emptive action.