Keep Awake at Work.

Security guards are some of the most important people in our society. If that is your occupation, whether fully or temporarily, receive my commendation. While most people in society may not appreciate your work, remember what you are doing is saving lives. I know people often think of you in terms of their property and how much they would lose in case of burglary. What they don’t realize is that if for any reason you were not there, their lives would be in danger.

But there is more to your work than simply guarding people’s houses and business premises. I know many of your colleagues who have had to leave their jobs because of security breaches that they were unable to stop. For many building owners or those who pay to have their property guarded, losing their valuables means you have betrayed them. The only solution to them is to sack you often without bothering to listen to you. It is important to admit that sometimes you are at fault particularly because you did not keep awake at work.

You may even be lucky if all that happens to you is dismissal from your job. You must know your colleagues who end up in jail accused of abetting burglary at their workplaces or being the thieves themselves. The few unscrupulous ones have brought a bad name to your industry. I know being jailed for a crime you did not commit is the last thing you want in your life. I also know that the reason robbers and other evil people catch you off-guard is because you are often overpowered by sweet sleep and you decide to sing its lullaby.

To keep awake at work is the only strategy that will ensure you don’t lose your job and / or spend time in prison for a crime you never committed. You might be saying that the security alarm at your place of work will detect any infiltration and warn you. If this is your excuse, then you are new to your profession. The species of burglars roaming our neighbourhoods today is from another planet. For every new security measure, they create counter-measures and make the best home alarms to look like child’s play. Stop over-relying on them when it comes to remaining awake.

I suggest that you sleep adequately when you are not working as this will ward off sleep at your workplace. Moreover, when you are not at your post, do not overwork your body. Tiredness, more often than not, induces sleep. Watch also what you eat. While you need energy to wrestle with intruders, do not eat too many carbohydrates that you start dozing as soon as you reach your station. But I have a more effective strategy to help you keep awake at work. Invest in the SleepStop anti-sleep alarm because it will monitor your body to detect any signs of sleep and warn you before you disappear into dreamland and expose yourself and the people and property you are guarding to enemies.