How to Stay Awake While Driving.

It’s been two weeks now since a close friend of mine lost his limbs while driving. The former jovial colleague that I had known and worked with for years will never return to work because after living hospital he will be confined to a wheelchair. The saddest thing about his case is that he is neither a drunkard nor a smoker. He does not engage in substance abuse. He happens to be one of the most careful drivers I have ever come across. His only mistake was to drive while under the ‘influence of sleep’!

Every time I go to the hospital to visit him, my to and fro journeys are filled with trepidation and soul-searching. I normally begin with the usual ‘Why him?’ Later I graduate to the more sensible, “What could have been done to change avert the crash?” I must admit that these questions began with him on the first few days when he was trying to come to terms with his predicament. Back to my musings; the last question than lingers on my mind is how to stay awake while driving.

On the week that my friend was immobilized by the road crash that he caused through lack of sleep, he had slept very few hours. I am saying this because we are neighbours and workmates. My buddy had not been sleeping adequately because he had a one month old child that kept him and his wife awake most of the night. Any parent with a young baby will tell you that sleep can be hard to find when the little bundle of joy is trying to adjust to life outside the mother’s womb.

In addition, there were new targets to meet in our production plant and we had to work long hours. My friend had for a long time been working overtime to finance his part time education and all these factors had taken a toll on him. I remember a day before the accident he had asked me for advice on how to stay awake while driving. I had nothing much to tell him because I didn’t have viable ideas apart from the usual ones that are peddled in social circles. Little did I know that he was having a premonition of the events that would befall him within a day.

These sad events led me to useful information that could have averted that accident. I now know that I can take proactive steps to avert deaths that emanate from lack of sleep for drivers. It all begins with a gadget that detects when you are about to enter into sleep mode. This device then startles you to take the necessary action. For example, once you realize that you are about to sleep, you can decide to stop driving or allow another more sober person to go behind the wheel. Instead of taking much time searching for information on how to stay awake while driving, I suggest that you invest in this gadget. It is called StopSleep anti-sleep alarm. If my friend had this gadget fixed on his fingers while driving on that fateful morning, he would still be healthy and happy today.