How to Stay Awake When Driving

There is no doubt that road accidents kill thousands of people globally. People may fear wars and epidemics, but cumulatively road crashes claim more lives than we care to believe. Unfortunately, many of these deaths are unavoidable in the first place. When people fail to stay awake while driving, they cause deaths inadvertently.

We cannot absolve the driver completely from an accident they have caused. Drunk driving is an evil we must condemn and prevent by all means. Careless driving (often due to inexperience or being underage) should also be curbed because many precious lives have been snuffed off through this means.

It is important that anyone who goes behind the wheel of a car is sober, alert and skilled in driving. But this is not always the case. Owing to ignorance and outright disregard of societal norms and state regulations, people who should not be driving find a way to do so and in the process inconvenience other motorists and pedestrians.

Failing to stay awake behind the wheel

Even more worrying for anyone using our roads today is the seemingly innocent but equally devastating impact of a driver who sleeps while driving. Not much is said about such drivers because people assume there was no intention to cause the crash in the first place. What we fail to take into consideration is that lost lives and the injuries incurred cannot be reversed.

A person who drives while drowsy is as guilty as the one who drives while drunk. Both are potential killers who should not be allowed on the road. But there are circumstances that would force one to drive in a state of sleep-deprivation, you say. Yes, it is true, but one should take precautionary measures to curtail the risk of causing an accident.

One can ask another person to drive the car, while the former takes a nap. There is also the option of sleeping adequately before driving. We are also advised to keep the windows of our vehicles open to allow fresh cold air as this helps to ward off sleep. Chewing gum or taking coffee or tea are also alternative strategies to remaining alert while driving.

Many conventional strategies are not effective

Your guess is as good as mine. Most of these methods only work for some time and are not effective. In other words, they cannot be trusted to work especially for drivers traveling over long distances. That is why you need an anti-sleep strategy that has the ability to detect sleep long before it sets in and to stop it from engulfing you.

Thanks to technology, such a device is available. It is called the SleepStop anti-sleep alarm. It works by sensing the onset of sleep in your body. Essentially, this gadget is worn like a ring on two of your fingers and has a vibrator and signal to warn you when you begin to sleep. This alarm helps you to stay awake while driving and averts accidents since it will not allow you to sleep in the first place.