How to Stay Awake at Work.

One of the most important spaces you will ever occupy is the workplace. It is the place where you earn your daily bread and it must be respected by all means. With all the supervisors and colleagues surrounding you, it is a cardinal sin to sleep while working. Most employers react to workers who take a nap at work with immediate sacking. For this reason, you need to know how to stay awake at work.

To begin with, you must get adequate sleep the previous night. We all know about sleep debt whereby the body demands that you compensate it for the sleep you have denied it over time. Remember the body does not warn you when it wants to recover its dues. It simply blacks off irrespective of where you are. You best bet for remaining alert in your place of work is to sleep for about six and eight hours every day. Further, you must ensure you have quality sleep, not just closing your eyes and lying on your bed while the mind is wondering.

Eating a healthy breakfast can also go a long way in making you alert throughout the day. Many of us eat a lot of carbs in the morning thus making us sleepy. Understanding your body and the calories it requires daily is mandatory. If your work entails sitting behind a desk and computer most of the day, you should not eat a heavy breakfast because you don’t need much energy to perform your tasks.

Further, lack of energy may also induce sleep during the day. To avoid the ignominy of being fired because you slept on the job, do yourself the favor of eating healthy. This is particularly important for people who are on a diet. You will also do yourself a big favor if you snack on whole meal and fresh foods instead of processed stuff that contains a lot of sugar, salt and saturated fats.

Knowing how to stay awake at work means that you engage in activities that make you burn calories. For example, you can walk around the premise or visit the workstations of your colleagues after sitting continuously for about two hours. Moreover, if your organization allows or has such facilities, you can engage in indoor sport.

To remain alert in the workplace, try talking to others. I am not suggesting that you become a busybody or know-it-all. It would be worse, though, if you remained behind your desk the entire day without bothering to know what others are doing. Apart from keeping abreast with what is happening inside and outside your organization, I understand talking will help clear some smelly bacteria from your mouth. Well, I heard so.

Lastly, it is possible that at one point, not even the fear of your boss and the cajoling of your colleagues will make you avoid a nap at work. Those who know how to stay awake at work in a subtle manner will tell you to invest in an anti-sleep alarm. Do exactly that and you will manage you workplace sleeping habits.