How to Prevent Driver Fatigue.

Many motor vehicle accidents take place on our highways every waking day. Thousands of lives are lost every year because of drivers who are too exhausted to be behind the wheel in the first place. It is time we woke up to the realization that almost all accidents result from driver error. Fatigue ranks highly as one of the key reasons drivers cannot control their vehicles and end up colliding with other cars or finding their way down a ravine.

How then do we prevent driver fatigue? It is important to note that fatigue is a common phenomenon among human beings. By nature, you must feel tired after working for some time. Moreover, when you don’t sleep enough, you tend to be tired the following day. In essence the strategies to use to prevent drivers from being exhausted and causing accidents are found in our work and sleep patterns. Unless we resolve such issues, we have no hope whatsoever of getting out of the fatigued-driver trap.

You can avert the risky situation of being exhausted while driving by working for a specific number of hours. While the world is busy and everyone is looking for money, it makes no sense to become a workaholic. If you overwork your body, you will have problems driving considering driving is a physical and mental activity that requires strength and concentration. If you really value your life and body, it is time you established a regular working pattern instead of working until you are as tired as a dog.

Rest is the other important tool you can use to prevent driver fatigue. Just as you have regular working hours, create time for rest. One of the natural methods of resting is sleep. Have you ever imagined how long you would live if there was no time for sleeping? Many of us would work until we drop dead. Nature understands that you need to rest and gives you the night to do so. Regrettably, many of us even encroach on the night as we strive to make money. In a situation where you have overworked your body and have no time for rest, driving is simply suicidal.

You can also prevent driver fatigue if you learn to share your driving roles with other people. This especially applies to long distance truck drivers. Sitting behind the wheel for an entire day and then attempting to drive back on the same day is taunting accidents and death. Have a co-driver whom you can share driving responsibilities with. As one drives, the other will be resting. Adequate rest means that one can concentrate when the time comes to drive because he or she will be fresh.

But there is an even better method. The SleepStop anti-sleep alarm can notify you when your energy levels go down and you can no longer concentrate on the wheel. This device raises an alarm when you are fatigued thus enabling you to make the decision to take a rest and avert an accident.