How to Detect Drowsiness.

Drowsiness is a general feeling of tiredness and desire to sleep. You know it because it happens to you when you have had a long day filled with activity, and you are also late for bed. When you feel drowsy, you generally don’t want to do anything else but sleep. It is for this reason hat drowsiness is one of the most dangerous body states for a person behind the wheel of a car. Drivers, their employers and family members need to know how to detect drowsiness in order to avert car crashes and related disasters.

Let us begin by understanding drowsiness more. Have you ever been sick and the doctor decides to give you tranquilizers? It happens particularly when you have fever or flu and is done to curtail body activity. A few moments after taking tranquilizers, you will feel like the whole world has landed on your head. Your eyes will begin to close without much effort. You will simply not be able to do any activity because your body will be in lockdown. Drowsiness brings all you activities to a halt. Now imagine a driver who becomes drowsy while driving yet there is no way of alerting him or her to stop.

How else do you know that you or another person is drowsy? If you are driving and you begin to yawn repeatedly, you are drowsy and you need to stop driving. Constant yawning comes as a result of lack of adequate sleep, stress or tiredness. In this situation, you can hardly coordinate what is happening. You wish you could just stop driving and take a rest – that is exactly what you should do. If you are a passenger in a vehicle whose driver is yawning constantly, don’t wait for the worst to happen. Raise the alarm. Tell the driver to stop and have another person take over.

While you are looking for information on how to detect drowsiness in drivers, you may forget the clearest sign ever – dozing. The moment your head begins to nod as if in prayer or a trance, know that all is not well with you concentration. When your eyes begin to tell you that they want to take a break and you are driving, please look for some parking space, even if it is along a busy highway, and obey that sign. If your driver is beginning to nod while driving, find a way of taking charge because disaster could be just a few minutes away.

As you negotiate those corners and accelerate on that smooth highway, if your mind is thinking about sleep and you begin to daydream, don’t wait for another sign that you need to park the vehicle. Drowsiness is a condition that affects the mind and induces sleep. Drowsiness is never an appropriate condition to drive in. In addition if you want to know how to detect drowsiness in manner that is early enough to avert a crash, buy SleepStop, the anti-sleep alarm that monitors your body for any signs of drowsiness and warns you before anything unfortunate happens.