How to Choose an Effective Driver Alert System.

stopsleep_img-test-cnrs-stopsleep_img-test-cnrs_cibleThe need for a driver alert system cannot be overemphasized. We are all prone to errors of judgment particularly because of insomnia and weariness. Without a strategy for warning us of the danger of dozing during driving, we would cause many accidents that would result in the maiming and death of innocent people. However, it is important to have criteria for choosing the most effective system to avert sleep related driving accidents.

To begin with, you need a driver alert system that can detect sleep before it begins to affect you. I know that sounds weird, but what is the need of an implement that awakens you when you are hurtling down a hill? Unless you have the time to respond and rectify the problem, you will end up injured or dead. For example, if you have been nodding your head and your alarm alerts you, does that prevent you from hitting the vehicle in front of you? It is similar to being warned about a storm when the rain drops have started hitting you. Does such an alarm exist? Yes it does and I will tell you about it at the end of this article.

An effective driver alarm system should warn you for the right reasons. If you have used conventional gadgets, you know that many of them alert you when there is no need for it. Think about a system that makes a very loud sound when you turn your head to look outside the window. I know others that will shriek when you nod. Don’t you think it is ridiculous? Such alarms do not act ‘intelligently’ but from your simple body movements. You need a system that ‘knows’ when to warn you, not one that makes guesses that make you worried for no reason. This is the system whose name you will find out at the end of this article.

Another hallmark of an effective driver alert system is that it is fitted in a convenient place. You see, an alarm should be in a position where it warns you for the right reasons. Placing the gadget before you means it can tell lies because it depends on your body and eye movement. If the only way it can tell you are about to doze off is through the movement of your eyelids, then you are investing in the wrong device. There are other gadgets that are placed on one’s ears or worn on the eyes, but this only means that they have a superficial view of your body and cannot alert you appropriately. These devices are likely to give you false alarms and can even make you cause a crash instead of averting one.

Now let me tell you about the most effective driver alert system ever created. It is called SleepStop anti-sleep system. It is worn on your fingers. It detects your entire body system for sleep. This is the gadget that you must have if you want to be a safe driver.