How to Choose a Driver Sleep Alert Device.

When a new discovery or important gadget hits the market, countless business organizations invest in such a venture to make profits. The idea is to make a kill while the market is still hot. In the process, consumers have the advantage of getting the products they want in abundance. A market saturated with products could also mean reduced prices for quality items. However, where there are genuine products and great demand, the possibility of having fake or inefficient items is also high.

This is the scenario that will greet you when you begin to shop for a driver sleep alert device. There are all sorts of gadget waiting for you to purchase. Do not go for the first one you come across. Take your time to study the various products and their features before making a decision. Remember that though all these devices have the primary motive of warning you before you crash a car, not all of them work efficiently.

The following are important criteria for choosing the device that will serve your needs, but also offer you more than conventional alarms.

1. How long does it take for the gadget to detect sleep?
Sleep detection is a primary requirement for any driver sleep alert device. However, the time between detection and when you are alerted is very important. Some of these gadgets only remind you that you are about to cause a crash when it is too late to avert the accident. Such devices serve no useful purpose. Actually, they can even contribute to the crash by startling you in a sudden manner when the oncoming vehicle has already reached you!
2. Where is the device placed?
The location of a device that is to warn you when you are about to sleep is every important. The conventional gadget is normally placed on the dashboard to detect any signs of sleep on your face. Others are created in the form of eye glasses thus giving them the ability to monitor your eyes. Most recent and more effective ones are worn on your fingers like a ring and work by detecting sleep through activity on your skin. The latter are more effective.
3. How does the device work?
A driver sleep alert device must detect sleep before it reaches dangerous levels for a driver. This point cannot be overemphasized. Now think about it this way. If the alarm you are about to purchase only monitors your face and eyes, what will happen when you blink or close your eyes inadvertently, for example when thinking deeply? You will immediately receive an alarm warning you to stop sleeping. These are the false starts that can easily result in a crash instead of averting one. A device that raises a false alarm should be avoided by all means.

Which, then, is the best device?
There is only one driver sleep alert device that fits the bill. SleepStop anti-sleep alarm works through electromagnetic detections of the activities on the skin to identify when your body begins to slip into sleep mode. It is placed on two of your fingers and this means that it can warn you in time since it is right in front of you. If you are looking for a device that will not disappoint you, look no further than SleepStop.