How to Avoid Suddenly Falling Asleep While Driving.

Ignoring fatigue costs teen driver $750

Death is inevitable, but I believe we can delay it if only we avoid suddenly falling asleep while driving. Getting involved in an accident whether as the victim or the perpetrator is often a result of a driver who loses control of a vehicle because of inadequate sleep. In essence, if we can understand the role of sleep in driving and take necessary precautions, we can avoid many deaths and injuries on our highways.

From the onset, you need to realize that lack of sleep can lead to virtual shutdown of your body systems, including your eyesight, and this may spell doom if you are driving. Consequently, you must implement the following measures before and during your journey:

To being with, you can avoid suddenly falling asleep while driving by getting enough sleep. Unless you are on some form of medication that makes you drowsy, for example tranquilizers, you cannot start dozing behind the wheel if you have had adequate sleep. There is a point at which sleep becomes a potent disease. This happens when you deny your body the amount of sleep it needs every day. You may argue that you need to sleep less to make money, which may be true, but your body does not understand that language. Adequate sleep is mandatory for healthy living and error-free driving.

You also must take enough time to rest between your journeys. If you are always driving and you neglect your body, time will come when the same body will not comply with your demands. You cannot lie to your body. Remember there is a strong link between sleep and rest. While the two terms are not synonymous, much of what the body calls rest is sleep. This implies that when your body is fatigued, you are likely to sleep while driving. There is no way one can overemphasize the need to take breaks, sometimes full days, to recuperate before embarking on another journey.

To avoid suddenly falling asleep while driving, schedule your journeys for daylight. Human beings are created with a system that determines when one is active and vice versa. It is normal to be active during the day and to feel exhausted and sleepy at night. Avoid driving at night because visibility is lower than during the day. Moreover, in case you are about to cause an accident, other motorists may warn you. Dedicate your nights to sleeping and regaining your energy in readiness for the following day.

A more effective strategy of avoiding suddenly falling asleep while driving is to invest in an anti-sleep alarm. This is a device that detects when you are exhausted and about to sleep while driving and raises an alarm that so loud and powerful you cannot ignore it. You may fail in your mechanical efforts to stay awake while driving, but you cannot continue driving when this alarm warns you – unless you want to commit suicide. While there are many such devices in the market, none is more effective that StopSleep anti-sleep alarm. Buy it today and see the difference for yourself.