How Driver Fatigue Detection System – StopSleep – Works.

If you have not heard about StopSleep anti-sleep alarm, you are behind the latest news in the road safety world. It is possible you have used other strategies of dealing with weariness while driving. You are, therefore, likely to dismiss this article as another sales promotion for yet another alarm. This is where you veer off the highway and run into a ditch! You probably are so disgusted with the failures of conventional sleep detection alarm that you don’t want to hear about another one.

Please give yourself another reason to believe and read what I am about to say on StopSleep driver fatigue detection system. The reason you have to trust this device is the way it works. Common alarms warn you when your eyes begin to close involuntarily. This is crucial because it can help you to stop driving or to take urgent action just before you crash into a wall, person or another car. This device is different. It continuously analyses your body system to detect any signs of oncoming sleep. It examines your skin conductivity by way of eight electrodermal sensors.

This gadget detects fatigue from a long way off and begins to send signals that you are venturing into dangerous grounds. There are no surprises here. You get the warning long before you realize that you are about to fall asleep as you drive. StopSleep driver fatigue detection system uses its inbuilt sensors to examine your skin and blood flow and on realizing that you are entering sleep mode, it warns you. How many of the devices you know or use have such capabilities? To be frank, you are frustrated with some of them because by the time they warn you, the worst has happened. This is not the reason you bought the gadget – right?

The science behind this device is that your skin conductivity suddenly reduces we you are about to fall asleep. Since this gadget is won in the finger like a two-holed ring, it senses the change and alerts the alarm. Communication between the sensors and the source of the loud noise that comes out is flawless. As soon as your skin conductivity plunges, you will hear a loud sound and vibrations from the device. This activity is an indication that all is not well and that in a few minutes, you will be in slumber land unless you act quickly. StopSleep driver fatigue detection system is not a trial version but the real deal.

There is no way you will not feel the vibration or hear the warning sound when it runs for about five minutes. With this device, you can only sleep while driving because you have decided to. It serves as a warning for you before anything tragic happens. Those who have used StopSleep know that no anti-sleep alarm matches the capabilities and effectiveness of this device. There is no need for you to continue endangering your life by continuing to drive while fatigued. Detect weariness early and live to see another day by investing in StopSleep.