Help Your Guard to Stay at Awake on Duty

There is one duty or profession that people rarely think about, yet it is very crucial for our safety. I am talking about guarding. While we are sleeping soundly in our houses, someone stays awake to ensure we are safe. It is for this reason that the concept of how to stay awake while on sentry duty should concern us.

One way of thinking about this issue is to imagine how much is at stake and to juxtapose it with the work of a guard. Take the example of a typical home. Think about lives – your loved ones and you. Between the intruder that would cut off your life and you is that guard you rarely think about and probably despise.

How about the valuables you have in your house. Think about your precious documents that represent you academic, financial and investment achievements. You also have electronics, motor vehicles, clothes, jewelry, money and many other items whose value only you can state in precise terms. Perish the thought that you can lose them, you say!

To Stay Awake is Mandatory for your Sentry

I don’t know how many times it has crossed your mind that your guard can fall asleep while on duty. I know you don’t even what to imagine it, but that does not mean it is not possible. It doesn’t matter that this guy comes from one of the most respected security company on the land.

Your guard may be highly recommended, but he or she is human. Sleep is a power that does not know how well a guard is trained. The moment sleep inundates this fellow you will be practically on your own, even though you are dead asleep. That is the reality that many are oblivious about.

It should be your concern, therefore, that the guy in charge of your life and property is alert at all times. Woe unto you if some malicious individual discovers that your sentry often takes a nap while on duty or he or she goes to sleep the moment you switch off your bedroom lights! For your own good don’t wait until burglars and murderers reach your bedroom to realize you should have protected yourself better.

Protect your guard; protect your life

Your sentry is a human being who requires protection too and you can do this by helping them to stay awake. Thankfully, you can make use of an alarm to wake them up the moment they begin to feel drowsy. Instead of them being woken up by the butt of the robber’s gun, you can prevent sleep from engulfing them in the first place.

By investing in the SleepStop anti-sleep alarm, you will be making one of the most prudent decisions on your safety. This ingenious device is worn on the fingers like a ring and alerts the wearer through a powerful vibration and signal the moment drowsiness sets in. While there are many methods to help your guard to stay awake, none is more cost-effective than this alarm.