Fatigue while driving, and why you should avoid it.

Derrick has been lying in a hospital bed for the last six months. He cannot move. His legs were amputated. His co-driver is in the high dependency unit in the same health facility. Derrick’s children had to be taken away by Derrick’s old mother, because they have no one else to look up to. He is a single father. Derrick’s case illustrates the dangers of fatigue while driving.

In recent days, our roads have witnessed a growing trend whereby more accidents are caused by drowsy drivers than those perpetrated by drunk drivers. Our highways are no longer safe, yet the people who create these situations cannot be stopped and fined because they are not intoxicated with alcohol or banned substances.

The dangers of fatigue while driving.
Like many of Derrick’s friends, I have had time to visit him at the hospital. It is not a very pleasant visit, I can assure you. This is a person I have known since we were in high school. By nature, he is jovial, jocular and a joy to live with. There are few people I can call charismatic and Derrick is top on my list.

On many of my visits, Derrick never tires to remind me that I should not drive when I feel tired. He recounts the day the crash happened and tears don’t stop rolling down his cheeks. My friend is a teetotaler. He has never taken alcohol or banned drugs. His mistake was the fact that he had fatigue while driving.

Derrick is a long-distance truck driver. He traverses the country as he delivers goods from his company to distributors. If he is not at home, he is somewhere on a highway, listening to country music, happily doing what he loves most. He has been on this job for over a decade and has earned accolades from his employer for safe and efficient delivery of products.

On the fateful day, he remembers feeling a little dizzy. He attributed this to not having enough sleep on the previous two days. You see, a new neighbor had this uncouth habit of playing loud music at night. Several times, the moron had been warned by other neighbors to no avail. Derrick had gone to the guy personally and explained that he rarely gets sleep when there is loud music playing nearby.

Though Derrick felt some fatigue while driving, he concluded that it would go away, just as had happened the previous day. He was wrong. An hour into is journey, he suddenly realized he was careening down a ravine, having left the highway. The next thing he knew, he was staring at the white ceiling of a hospital ward, with immense pain all over his body.

If only Derrick had SleepStop….
For Derrick and many other drivers who have the likelihood of dozing behind the wheel, SleepStop anti-sleep alarm is the most effective solution. This is a device that detects the onset of sleep through your body’s electromagnetic waves. It then sends a signal and vibration to you to take preventive action before you cause an accident due to fatigue while driving.