Fatigue Detection for Drivers.

It is now common knowledge that over 20% of the accidents on our roads are caused by fatigued and sleepy drivers. There is growing concern among drivers and car manufacturing companies that unless fatigue detection among drivers is improved more people will continue to die from this unavoidable cause. Mercedes-Benz estimates that 25% of the accidents caused by sleepy drivers are fatal. If graves were to be marked with the cause of death for those buried under them, 1 out of 4 would indicate that the driver, pedestrian or commuter died after getting involved in an accident in which the person behind the wheel was drowsy.

Many transport companies have resorted to fatigue detection devices to prevent the deaths of their drivers. The same road crashes also result in massive loss of property for owners of such companies. Today you will find most truck drivers facing devices that can detect when the drivers are about to sleep. These driver fatigue alarms are crucial in that they warn drivers when the latter begin to exhibit signs of fatigue. By examining the face through a special camera, such gadgets warn drivers to stop driving. For example when the driver begins to nod involuntarily or to close his eyes, an alarm is raised and the driver takes corrective action. Thousands of lives have been saved through this strategy.

Currently, car manufacturing companies have developed fatigue detection software that is installed in cars to help drivers to control themselves when driving and at the risk of sleeping. In essence, you can drive a car that tells you to stop driving because you are too sleepy to do so. Technology is being developed to ensure that the number of deaths that occur due to driver fatigue is reduced drastically. This is very crucial for most of us who have to drive even when it is not safe to do so. It will also come in handy for our youngsters who have resorted to driving very early in the morning while coming from clubs yet they are intoxicated with alcohol.

However, it is important to remember that the effectiveness of a fatigue detection gadget largely depends on how early it detects the onset of sleep since this will give the driver time to respond accordingly. It is ridiculous and preposterous to have a device that purports to notify you when you are likely to cause a sleep-related crash, yet the device notifies you when it is too late. This has happened to many a driver. The alarm rings when you are already kissing the bumper of the car in front of you. There are other devices too that sound false alarm like when you close your eyes briefly for some other reason apart from sleep.

If you are looking for an effective fatigue detection device that will monitor your body processes for any signs of sleep and warn you in advance, look not beyond StopSleep anti-sleep alarm. If you cannot afford a car that has the ability to detect drowsiness, you save your life and those of others from road crashes by using SleepStop.