How long does a fully charged battery last?

Typically around 15 hours.

How can I check the battery time remaining?

When the device is on, the battery life will be continuously assessed and reported as follows; 1 alert tone = fully charged. 2 alerts tones = ½ charge. 3 alert tones = ¼ charge. 4 alert tones = 2 hours of charge left. 5 alert tones = 1 hour of charge remaining. 6 alert tones = less than 5 minutes remaining. Please recharge the device before use.

How long it takes to charge my StopSleep® ?

On average, it takes approximately 1 hour to charge the battery, but the actual time will vary depending on the type of the charger used and how flat the battery is.

How do I charge my StopSleep ?

StopSleep uses a standard micro-usb port. We provide a USB to micro-usb cable to charge the device from any computer USB port, An optional extra vehicle adaptor can be purchased from our shop. The vehicle adaptor (cigarette lighter socket to USB port) enables you to charge StopSleep from the lighter socket of any vehicle.

I turned on the device and put it on, but it generates the signal 'No contact'. What does this mean?

You probably have cold and dry hands. It is also possible that the device StopSleep was in a cold car in the winter. If the car is warm, the device starts to operate as soon as the hands and the contacts get warm. It usually takes no more than 10 minutes. The alert is issued every two minutes until the device is ready to monitor your condition. If you are irritated by the alert, turn off the device for 10 minutes, leaving it on fingers. Don’t forget to turn it on again!

Can I fall asleep if I have previously put the device on and turned it on?

The fatigue detection device StopSleep does not PREVENT falling asleep. It WARNS the user about the dangerous condition. If you ignore the signals from the device, or the feelings of tiredness, and continue to drive, then it is safe to say that sleep is inevitable, and so is a fatigue related accident. We encourage you to respond to the StopSleep warnings, to help avoid the risk of a micro-sleep and serious injury to you and/or other road users. Sleeping drivers cannot brake, so when the alerts from the device increase, please take action to Stop, Revive and Survive.

What events are logged by my StopSleep device ?

The StopSleep device records the time it was switched on and turned off. It also logs “no contact”, “Warning”, “Alarm” and “low battery” events.

How can I view the event log file ?

To view the event log you will need to use the StopSleep Browser Program which can be downloaded free of charge from the Downloads section of this website.

What do the numbers in the event log file 'signal' column mean?

This is system related diagnostic information which is not relevant for the user.

Is it possible to erase or change the archive device?

No. The device StopSleep records all events and does not allow editing of the data.

What are the modes for StopSleep device?

Since January 2013 device StopSleep has three modes of operation; 1. Standard Mode. Signals are a combination of vibrations, alert tones and warning lights. 2. Taxi Mode. Signals “Warning” and “Alarm” are issued by vibration and lights only, so as not to disturb the customers. 3. Silent Mode. All signals (except off) are issued without light or sound.

How can I change the operation mode of the device?

The mode switching operation is performed by the program StopSleep Browser in the menu “Options/Mode” when connecting the device to the computer in the off state.

The device signaled 'Attention' but I didn't feel tired. Why is this?

StopSleep continuously monitors the ever changing conductivity of your skin using 8 built in sensors. The device provides warning signals in the form of vibrations and loud alert tones which will escalate as your loss of concentration increases. Initially, you may not notice any loss of concentration or even feel tired but the device is responding to early warning signs. When the device signals “Attention” or “Alarm” we recommend that you stretch, breathe more deeply and get some fresh air into the vehicle. If the “Alarm” signal continue, you should take a break to Stop, Revive and Survive as soon as possible.

When I turn on my StopSleep, I hear alert tones. What do they mean?

If the battery is close to full, the alert tone will sound when the device is first switched on. Any other number of alert tones will indicate the charge state of the battery. If the charge is very low, you will hear 6 beeps. In this case the device MUST be recharged before use.

I turned on the device. How to know whether it works or not?

If You do not put the device on his hand, turned on the unit will flash the red led every 2 seconds. Every two minutes it beeps “No contact”. The same effect can occur if you have cold hands. If the contact is, the device after switching on, blinking green, gradually increasing the interval of flashing to 3 minutes. At any time You can check the status of the device by briefly pressing the power button. The led will light up light corresponding to the battery (red light device, it is desirable to charge).

I run a transport company, and think the StopSleep device will help with the safety of my drivers. Do you have any more detailed information that would be helpful for me ?

Yes. Please contact us for more information and our recommendations for Transport Companies.

I have lost my user manual, can I get another one ?

Yes. Please visit the Downloads section of this website.