Driver Sleep Alert.

A wise person once said that regrets are like grandchildren, they come afterwards. Such is the case in the world of driving where people fail to heed warnings and end up in cemeteries or hospital wards. Statistics indicate that drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel cause most of the accidents on our highways today. Despite this, there are countless other ‘accidents’ that don’t even occur because there was an efficient driver sleep alert system.

We need to understand that warnings must be sounded even though some reckless drivers may choose not to heed them. Drivers who cause accidents because of falling asleep behind the wheel often regret their actions when it is too late. Those who may have been warned can only blame themselves for crashes that they cause. Our roads are safer with responsible drivers who realize that driving while feeling sleepy is as evil as driving while under the influence of alcohol.

There are so many driver sleep alert mechanisms and drivers cannot pretend that they had no prior information that their stupor-like driving would result in disaster. The first alert you get as a driver is always from your own body. There are many liars on earth; your body is not one of them. If you listen to it, it will tell you that sleep is invading your territory. There are no miracles involved and the warning is not equivocal. If and when your body feels sleepy, just stop driving.

Another important warning sign that you are sleepy and therefore not supposed to drive is your passenger if you have one. Have you ever heard survivors a bus accident saying they warned the driver to slow down before the crash? Someone seated next to you can notice that you are nodding your head and deviating from your lane and warn you. If you suspect sleep will interfere with your driving along the way, have a passenger who can warn you or even take over when you can no longer drive.

A driver sleep alert can also take the form of other motorists. Since the highway is a shared resource, there are people who will not leave you alone when you begin to sleep behind the wheel. You will hear them honking at you. Some will call you names. Don’t blame them. They know you are about to commit suicide involuntarily, but they don’t want to escort you as you say goodbye. You can count many more such alarms on the road. For example, the police officer who pulls you over, the pedestrian who looks at you with a mean eye and the animals that have to take flight in fear of your dangerous driving.

Fortunately for you, there is a new scientific system to offer proactive driver sleep alert. SleepStop anti-sleep alarm system detects when the processes in your body fall into sleep mode. It does not wait for you to fall asleep behind the wheel. It warns you long before you start dozing to help you take necessary remedial measures.