Driver Fatigue Warnings from Within and Without.

Owing to the human propensity to err, warnings are common in life. Warnings are not threats although they may have similar consequences. Warnings heeded mean safety and happiness for the person being admonished. On the other hand, when warnings are ignored the negative consequences accrue to the person being cautioned and other innocent people.

Such is the world of motor vehicles. There are numerous driver fatigue warnings to make sure you don’t end up in hospital, maimed or dead. Some of these warnings come from your body and mind while others emanate from the environment and people you interact with. Whether you choose to heed or disregard them may not be significant until what you were being cautioned against happens. Unfortunately, the consequences may be too late to be avoided

What, then, should you be looking out for as a drive to avoid causing unnecessary accidents?

Often you will hear voices from the body, mind and conscience cautioning you not to continue driving. When your eyelids begin to establish contact without your consent, heed the warning and stop. If your body feel lethargic because you have not rested for a number of days, don’t continue driving.

When your mind refuses to think clearly and begins to wander while you are behind the steering wheel, these are driver fatigue warnings you can only ignore at your own peril. If your conscience is nagging you on the dangers of causing harm to others and yourself as you drive because you’ve taken some alcohol, heed the warning and postpone your journey.

Drivers are very lucky because voices of reasons surround them on all sides. If you are driving and fellow drivers hoot because your driving is erratic, why do you want to snub that warning? A driver pulls next to your window and insults you for blocking their way and almost causing their death, and you still believe you are fit to drive on that day?

Your passengers get irritated with your driving and some even express their disappointment; listen to them. Some drivers are even mad enough not to listen to their spouses, children, relatives and other friends that they are carrying in their vehicles. Driver fatigue warnings may come in the form of your partner requesting you to postpone your journey until you are sober or strong enough to drive.

Did you see that pedestrian who moved meters away from the highway when they saw you driving from a distance? How about the parent who wags a finger at you because you almost hit their innocent child who was playing safely away from the road? Did you say a police officer pulled you over and booked you because of erratic driving? And you still want to drive?

Please heed these driver fatigue warnings. But if you still feel that you have to drive or you are the type of person who cannot be stopped from reaching their destinations, please buy SleepStop anti-sleep alarm to warn you before you cause a disaster.