Why StopSleep is the Best Driver Fatigue Alarm in the Market Today?

The anti-sleep alarms market has many players. Some are established and have created niches for themselves. Others are relatively new and are trying to gain a foothold in the crowded marketplace. It is, therefore, understandable if you get confused and are unable to identify the alarm that will serve you effectively. Despite this, you will not regret when you buy StopSleep, the best driver fatigue alarm in the market today.

These may appear to be mere claims until you come across this device and encounter some of features. To begin with, it is rare for this gadget to give false alarms. This means that the device cannot warn you that you are about to sleep if you close your eyes for any other reasons. Some of the other gadgets in the market respond to any sleep-like movement by raising the alarm and making you react to non-issues.

The most effective driver fatigue alarm – StopSleep – is also convenient to wear. I know you have come across anti-sleep alarms in the form of eye glasses or gadgets to wear on your ears. Other devices are placed in front of you – on the dashboard. The problem with such approaches is that the gadget is likely to misread your facial expressions and raise false alarms. With StopSleep, though, you need not worry because you will wear the tiny device like a ring on two of your fingers in one hand. This will ensure you drive conveniently and easily detect any vibrations or lights from the gadget.

Another reason why the best driver fatigue alarm – StopSleep – has no equal is its ability to warn you before any crashes occur. The conventional anti-sleep device in the market works by reading the expressions on your face and your body movements. Sometimes, there is very little duration for effective reaction before danger engulfs you. For this novel alarm, though, the processes in the body are used as warning signs that you are losing concentration or you are about to fall asleep. The advantage here is that you have enough time to stop your vehicle or take any other action to avert a crash.

You will also be delighted to know that the best driver fatigue alarm – StopSleep – has an audible tome and vibrates for about 2 to 5 minutes before your body succumbs to sleep. This means that you cannot ignore the alarm. Considering it is also fixed on your fingers and has a light that will flash when there is impeding danger, it is almost impossible for you to ignore the alarm and the message it is communicating.

The final reason the most effective driver fatigue alarm is StopSleep is the fact that it has been tested and found satisfactory by reputable institutions. For example, in Europe, the National Centre for Scientific Research has tested this device and given it a clean bill of health. Now you know. Get this device today and be help reduce the rate of fatigue related accidents on our roads.