Anti-Sleep Alarm – What the Market has on Offer.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have to drive while exhausted? In the busy world we live in, this happens often. Unfortunately, our roads have witnessed the demise or maiming of drivers, passengers and pedestrians owing to erratic driving that emanates from lack of concentration while driving. To curtail or mitigate such unfortunate incidences, you should buy an anti-sleep alarm.

Before going into details, it is important to remind ourselves of the essence of alarms. These implements are also used to wake you up, warn you about fire, vandalism and burglaries among other issues that need immediate attention. In your car, when your body begins to lose concentration while you are behind the wheel, an anti-sleep alarm can wake you up thus averting an accident. But it does more than that. It is a warning system that alerts you when you start nodding off while driving or when you approach sections of the road that require more concentration.

There are different types of devices that are fitted into vehicles to keep drivers alert while driving to elicit the appropriate response.

An anti-sleep alarm in the form of headsets is won on your ears and startles you the moment you begin to nod off. I know you are impressed. But how about when you tilt your head forwards for other reasons and not sleep? Did you also know you can sleep while driving without necessarily leaning forwards? Some manufacturers also make glasses specifically for helping arrest yourself the moment your head slumps while driving. The difference between this approach and the headsets is simply the name and when they gadget is won.



A more expensive alternative is a special pilot that monitors your concentration and awareness. So you have this gadget on your dashboard that keeps on asking you to react to its beeps by pushing a button on it. How fast you react determines how alert you are.


You must be asking what will happen when you are negotiating a bend and you are expected to push a button. The market also has devices that monitor your heart rate and warn you when sleep is about to invade your territory. Picture your seat belt with such a devices being fixed on top of your heart. Brilliant, you say, but what happens in cold weather when you are wearing layers of clothing and the heart is miles away from the gadget?

An anti-sleep alarm can also come in the form of a facial recognition camera kit. This is more expensive than the other options. So, your face is under scrutiny and your images at any one time are compared to faces in a database. When you begin to doze off or shut your eyes, you will be alerted. Problem is you might be alarmed (pardon the pun) by the many false alerts owing to normal eye and facial movements.



Well, the market may not have perfect gadget. Look for the best quality device depending on your budget. Be safe.