StopSleep® - Electronic Anti-Sleep Alarm

Analyses and interprets your physiological condition based on galvanic skin conductivity.

8 measuring sensors

StopSleep continuously monitors the ever changing conductivity of your skin using 8 built in sensors.

The device provides warning signals in the form of vibrations and loud alert tones which will escalate as the loss of concentration increases. Initially, you may not notice any loss of concentration or even feel tired, but the device is responding to early warning signs. 

This is the same technology used in lie detector polygraphs.

Device warning signals

 StopSleep® provides two active warning levels


Reduced level of concentration.

Take measures to improve your condition.



High Risk of of falling asleep.

Time to Stop, Revive and Survive.


 StopSleep® is very simple in use


Technical characteristics of the device StopSleep®

 Detailed description and signals of device

Device Usage

Goal: To prevent falling asleep.

Type: Portable device.

Consumers: Vehicle drivers, operators, managers, employees of the security services.

Design: The device is made in the form of a double ring, in the upper part of which is the analytical module. The device is equipped with means of alert: vibration, sound and light.

Materials: All of the elements of the device in contact with the human body, is made of hypoallergenic materials that do not cause irritation or discomfort during prolonged wear. The housing is made from strong, durable plastic that is safe for humans.


1. Turn on the device by clicking once on the "Power" button, hold it until sound and light signals.
2. Put the device on two fingers of one hand.
3. When signals to implement the recommendations in accordance with the user manual.

Meets the requirements of GOST, European requirements and standards.

Weight and dimensions
Unit weight: 40g. Dimensions: 40×25×12 mm

The operation of the device on a single charge  15 hours.

Additional features
1. The device says it is not a fact of falling asleep, and notifies the carrier that the dream will come through for 2-3 minutes.
2. Notification of falling asleep is vibration, sound and light signals.
3. The use of the device does not require special training or education.

A. is Not allowed to turn off the device or remove it from the hand during the time when the sleep is not desirable.
B. a Minimum time of operation of the device prior condition monitoring - 3 minutes.
Century, the Instrument generates the control signals with the weakening of attention.

Table of device signals

N Event Description Comment
1 Power on Squeak, wince (short vibration), a green led lights up, which goes out after 3 seconds. On the unit powered off hold down the "Power" button for 2 seconds. The device signals the Peeps on the degree of charge of the battery. More Peeps - less charge. A maximum of 6 beeps (low Battery).
2 Power off The glow of the led red or green (corresponding to the battery level), during pressing, then the squeak. On the device to hold the "Power" button for 2 seconds.
3 Low charge level 1 beeping, flashing red led.
2 beeping, flashing red led.
3 beeping, flashing red led.
To remove the device, to connect the charger. 15-20 minutes after the triple beep, the unit will turn off automatically.
4 Attention! Vibration, flashing red led. The device has detected a weakening of Your reactions.
5 Danger! Vibration, sound the Bells, flashing red led. DANGEROUS! The device has determined that your condition is as close to falling asleep.
6 No contact A triple beep every two minutes and the LEDs flashing red every two seconds. Perhaps the device is switched on, without her. If it is attached, the cause may be the cold dry hands.
7 Device is on The led blinking with a frequency of 5 minutes. Informs about device status and battery charge level.
8 Battery charge The flashing red led with intervals of 5 seconds. Continues charging.
9 Battery off Green flashing LEDs with a frequency of 5 seconds. To disconnect the charger.

The log device
In the journal of the device fixed on-time and off of the device, the time of occurrence of the signals "No contact", "Warning", "Alarm", "Weak charge".