I’d like to share a story from one of my customers. It could be a solution for any night shift workers.

How to stay awake during night shifts is always a challenge due to the fact that the human body is programmed to rest at night. This was so for me because as a nurse, it was impossible for me to avoid working at night shifts.

Becoming a nurse was a dream comes true for me. My passion for caring for people and my desire to see everybody live a healthy life motivated me to become a nurse. I wanted to contribute to a healthy world by contributing my own quarter in any way possible. I first heard about the first aid box while I was in primary school and before I was in high school, I got one for myself. Once I see anybody that is injured, I quickly rush there with my first aid box to attend to the person. I also joined the Red Cross team in high school to be able to go around and educate people on how to stay healthy.

I was very happy when I was admitted to study nursing in the university and upon graduation; I started to work in a hospital as a nurse. I was always diligent at my duty. My passion for nursing helped to work passionately while my education and previous experiences in the Red Cross helped me to work professionally. Part of my duty however, required me sometimes work the night shift. How to stay awake at during night shifts was my only fear at my job.

It wasn’t too easy for me at first as I enjoyed sleeping at night. My job is however one that requires me to be awake every second of the period I am on duty as a second of sleep at the wrong time is enough to cost a patient’s life. I didn’t want to risk anybody’s life as a result of sleep. How to stay awake during night shifts became a major challenge for me. My search for how to stay awake during night shifts led me to the StopSleep device. I was thus, able to get a StopSleep device which I wear during my duty time. The device has been very useful for me as it quickly alerts me the instant I am beginning to get drowsy.”