Tech Glasses Help Combat Drivers Fatigue.

“Grandma wears her special glasses!” Adam, the seven year old grandson of Loretta Fernie exclaims pointing to the eyewear she proudly displays. “Oh I’m so high tech!” She beams. The glasses are pretty impressive, from a newly developed class of accessories designed to help assess and alert the wearer of drivers fatigue – a common ailment plaguing drivers of all ages and endangering everyone on the road. About 60% of all drivers admit to driving while feeling drowsy according to a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, and of those more than 37% have actually fallen asleep behind the wheel….

Summit Aims to Combat Truck Driver Fatigue.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a staggering 37% of adults are so sleepy during the day that it significantly interferes with activities such as driving. This of course affects professional drivers ten fold in commercial vehicle operations by what is dubbed as truck driver fatigue. The around the clock demand on commercial truck drivers to make delivery time deadlines, rolling warehouse logistics and poorly scheduled or covered back to back shifts all contribute to truck driver fatigue. Many trucking groups tend to downplay the statistical incidences of truck driver fatigue as only a minor problem responsible for just…