StopSleep® – Drive Safely

Worn on just two fingers, the StopSleep device detects loss of concentration and fatigue, warning drivers it is time to Stop, Revive and Survive.

Fatigue is one of the big three killers on our roads

In 2012, more people died in fatigue related crashes than drink driving crashes.


Crashes involving drowsy drivers


Fatal accidents


Deaths worldwide every year

You can’t brake when you are asleep


Alerts drivers before a micro-sleep occurs


Alerts the driver with an audible tone and vibration for 2-5 minutes before sleep.

The principle of the StopSleep device is based on the continuous analysis and measurement of skin conductivity using eight built in electrodermal sensors.

Before falling asleep the skin conductivity sharply decreases. The device responds immediately, providing loud sound and vibration warnings.

Tested in Europe by CNRS – The National Centre for Scientific Research.

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